The Difference

All of our products...

  • Contain No MSG
  • Are Gluten Free
  • Are Soy and Dairy Free
  • Have no Nitrates/Nitrites added
  • Contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

Our Most Popular Flavors

German Bratwurst

 Our German Bratwurst is a very traditional sausage with a mild, yet complex flavor.Bite into a juicy Degenhardt’s German Brat and it may just feel like you are in Germany enjoying the realdeal! This sausage brings the authenticity and flavor you are looking for in a REAL German brat. 

Hot Italian Style Bratwurst

 The Hot Italian Bratwurst is just as tasty as our mild version, but with a spicy kick! So if you love the taste of our Mild Italian Bratwurst and also crave a moderate amount of heat, then this is the brat for you. We enjoy the Hot Italian brat as a topping on pizza or pasta, but it is good with just about anything. 

Honey & Garlic Bratwurst

 Our popular Honey & Garlic bratwurst boasts quite an unexpected pair. Savory garlic flavors stand out and are complimented by a hint of honey mingling in the background. Neither flavor overpowers your taste buds as you enjoy this popular bratwurst. This one is sure to be a hit at your next backyard barbecue. 

European Chorizo Sausage

 This unique sausage has all of the traditional Chorizo spices blended together perfectly to create that Latin flavor you’ve come to know and love. Try this sausage for breakfast with eggs or even tucked inside your favorite burrito. Our medium hot Chorizo sausage accomplishes a bold flavor without being too spicy. 

Polish Kielbasa

Our version of the Polish Kielbasa is mild yet bursting with flavor.  If you are craving a mild sausage, and are looking for something different than the German brat, then you have to try the Polish.  Our version of this traditional Central European sausage is sure not to disappoint even the most discerning taste buds.

Chicken Baked Apple

Made from boneless, skinless, all natural chicken, our Chicken Baked Apple Sausage is unlike any chicken sausage you've ever tasted.  Real apple pieces along with the perfect blend of sweet and savory spices combine to make a sausage that the whole family will want to enjoy all the time.  This one is known to be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anytime!